BreArb Tree Services understand the importance of preserving and maintaining the environment. All staff are committed to the conservation and improvement of the environment and to minimising the environmental impact of our industry’s activities. Not only do we strive to limit pollution and ensure that all our work is as environmentally friendly and sustainable as practicable, we will look for opportunities to improve the environmental impact of our work on all sites, domestic and commercial, as is explained below.


Many of the animals and their habitats which we encounter in tree surgery are protected by law. Guidelines set out in the Wild life and Countryside Act 1981 and Countryside Rights of Way Act 2000 (CROW) give necessary protection to bats, badgers and nesting birds. Before we undertake any work we will carry out an animal presence survey to enable us to meet all our obligations. This enables us to inform our customers through our formal Risk Assessment process of any protected species which may be in the area and how their presence could restrict our work.
Where circumstances allow, we will encourage landowners to safely retain some parts of the materials arising from our work to create new habitats for wildlife, ranging from ‘insect friendly’ collections of brash and chippings, through to ‘dens’ and ‘dry hedgerows’ used by for larger animals.


We recycle or reuse all suitable waste products accumulated throughout our work. Timber and wood chip are processed for biomass or donated to local schools or clubs to be used as firewood or woodland paths. All other green waste is taken to recycling facilities for re-use or composting and to minimise landfill usage. All our equipment is carefully maintained to ensure maximum lifetime value and re-usable parts are retained for recycling.


BreArb Tree Services Ltd have taken several steps to reduce our carbon footprint. All journeys to and from sites are carefully planned and justified. Vehicle journeys are kept to the minimum number necessary. All vehicles and machinery are regularly serviced to ensure maximum fuel efficiency and minimal emissions. Where available, alternative green fuels are used. All our vehicles and machinery are never left idling when not in use. Daily checks include any evidence of excess consumption or excess emissions.
We will continually assess our environmental policy to identify advances in technology, equipment and working practices. By this we hope to continue to improve our high standards and ensure that we are doing our best to minimise any adverse environmental impacts.

In formulating our Environmental Policy we consider all relevant environmental legislation and industry good practice and keep all our staff up to date with our latest strategy.


BreArb Tree Services Ltd undertake the full range of arboricultural tree work operations including tree planting, tree pruning and tree felling (including sectional felling). We also offer other services including stump grinding, cable bracing (of weak tree structures) and air spading (to excavate near trees / relieve compaction).

The managing director has been operating locally since 2007 and specialise in servicing both commercial and domestic sectors. The Company is fully committed to health & safety and all staff and sub-contractors are fully qualified and experienced in the operations they undertake. We undertake refresher training on a regular basis to ensure all our staff are kept up-to-date on the latest techniques and technologies. 

We wholly embrace the contents of this Health and Safety Policy and have clearly communicated its contents to all our staff. We review and where necessary revise the Policy, and associated procedures, annually and when there are changes in legislation or work practices.