BreArb can provide, or have access to, a wide range of specialist consultancy services providing reports and evaluations of trees and sites for Planning, TPO and Conservation assessments. We have extensive experience of dealing with Ash Die Back and other diseased and dangerous trees, invasive species and their resolution consistent with current legal requirements and Government best practice advice.

As well as using conventional techniques of close observation and physical examination, we are able to use drones in most locations to obtain secondary evidence of a tree’s condition in a safe and non invasive way.

Arboriculture, tree surgery, is as much about the maintenance and protection of trees, and the re-generation of trees, as it is about their reduction or removal. We have advised many clients on how best to sustain their trees and improve their health and amenity value and how to replace trees and landscape which has been subject to removals and reductions.

Trees can also be a nuisance, if not a danger, if they are allowed to overgrow or are neglected. Disputes can arise, if not litigation. We are able to advise parties in such disputes and offer agreed solutions.

If you have any questions about trees under your control and want to discuss different options, please feel free to call for a preliminary consultation on the services we can offer.